Civil Disputes & Litigation Work

In more recent times there is more emphasis placed on parties to resolve disputes by using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or to mediate the issue. Going to court is now regarded as a last resort rather than the first or only step.

Before issuing court proceedings, the court will now expect the parties to follow pre-action protocol. These are the steps that parties are expected to take in particular types of dispute to seek information prior to making a legal claim. The protocols entail setting out the claim in detail to the other party or parties in an attempt to negotiate a settlement without the need to involve a court hearing. This can often be quite detailed and time consuming and is something therefore that we can assist you with ensuring that you follow the correct procedure.

The emphasis is placed on co-operation of all parties to identify the main issues. Failure to co-operate could lead to cost penalties, regardless of the eventual outcome of the case, so these steps can often be the most important ones and should therefore not be overlooked.

However, It is not always possible for the case to be resolved in this alternative way and sometimes it is necessary for the court to hear the case if the parties cannot reach an acceptable resolution.

If your case does not settle after following the pre-action protocols, we are on hand to advise and assist you through constructing your defence and making your claim in court proceedings and beyond if necessary.

If the matter goes to trial, we will ensure that you have the best possible representation fighting your corner. It should be remembered that very few cases go to a full trial.  It is important to be aware that litigation can be an uncertain and expensive process. Even if you win your case, there are no guarantees that you will recover all of your costs because the court may not award them all or the other party may not have the means to pay.

We can help you to successfully navigate what can often be a daunting experience which complex rules and protocols. We will be at your side assisting you every step of the way at a time when you most need it.

We are dedicated to helping you to achieve the maximum compensation irrespective of the size of your claim. We are confident that we can handle your case.

We offer our clients advice in the following areas

• Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims.

• Actions against the Police.

• Actions against the Home Office/Prison Service.

• Judicial Review.

• Personal Injury Claims.

• Road Traffic Accidents.

• Fatal Accidents.

• Defective Products.

• Work related diseases.

• Accidents at work.

•   Slips and Trips.

• Hearing Loss.

• Dispute Resolution

We are able to offer “ No Win – No fee” Agreements.

Call us today without further delay to make an appointment or to discuss matters with one of our experienced team. Remember that often their time limits involved in bringing a claim under the Statute of Limitations so its important to get the best advice you can from the earliest possible stage to ensure that you are not time barred from making your claim.

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