Timeshare & Holiday Ownership

Here at Sarah Waddington Legal, we specialise in timeshare disputes and can legally take you out of your timeshare contract that you feel you have been mis-sold. Most people will venture into the timeshare world without knowing much about the contract they have signed. As time goes on and you are several months into the timeshare, problems will start to arise, and you may be looking for ways to terminate your contract with the timeshare company.

With the help from professionals like us, you can gain the help needed to get you out of your lengthy contract. We give people the hope and confidence they require in order to progress through the course of withdrawal from your extensive timeshare agreement.

Are you looking to get out of your timeshare?

You’re not alone if you’re looking to relinquish your timeshare, thousands of people will agree to a timeshare contract without researching or investigating the company first. This is one of the first mistakes to be made as their reputation in the timeshare industry could give you the confirmation needed to decide against signing the contract.

It may be that issues have appeared since you first entered the agreement, or you have simply been sold something that is completely different to what they pitched to you and if you’re currently in this position and are unsure what to do about it, you don’t need to worry as our team have the knowledge and skills needed to assist and support you through the entire process.

Some have been ineffectively attempting to be released from their timeshare burden for several years and feel that it simply cannot be achieved, however this isn’t the case and if we feel and believe that your case is worth the fight, we will ensure that you receive back the money and dignity that you deserve.

Avoiding illegitimate timeshare companies

The reality is that most timeshare companies are selling a service which is illegitimate and dishonest, and to back this up, there is data that now shows that a large percentage of the 850,000 timeshares in Europe are considered to be illegal and have a reputation for scamming people of thousands of pounds, which is exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to offer.

Timeshare sellers are conniving and manipulative when pitching their accommodation to potential buyers; leaving people feeling that holiday home ownership is a worthy investment which will add a growing value to their life. They ‘forget’ to inform the customers of all the added maintenance fees, the difficulty to resell and the limited availability that people encounter when trying to book a particular duration of time in the accommodation.

Avoiding companies who offer timeshares can be problematic due to the sheer number of scams out there. There are so many people who are conned into believing that the timeshare is fully genuine for families is never ending and they will only realise how immoral they are once they are fully involved.

How Sarah Waddington Legal can help you

We are confident that we can help you with the best course of action which is specifically tailored to suit your situation, whether that is relinquishment or a claim. If you’re interested in the services we are offering, you’re more than welcome to talk to a member of our team for a free, no obligation assessment of your circumstances. To find out more about the legal process for timeshare claims, please click here. This will give you a clearer idea and explanation about the type of work that goes into timeshare law. It is important to remember that no two timeshare cases are the same and the process is considerably complex. To ensure the case progresses over time, it will first require a series of discussions and planning sessions for maximal opportunity for success.

You can also view information regarding how the Financial Ombudsman handles claims here. This may help you understand how your complaint is dealt with in greater detail and may have the answer to many of your questions.

Get in contact today

If you have underlying concerns about the agreement you have entered into with the timeshare company, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 20 years of experience within the timeshare industry, we pride ourselves on providing a professional service which is different to any other solicitors practice – we work on an agreed fee basis so there are no hidden costs and with that said, we like to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

So, if you have any questions about the services we offer or would like to book your free obligation assessment with us, get in touch by completing our contact form on our website today.