Macdonalds Resorts Timeshare company

Macdonalds Resorts and Hotels are a Timeshare company registered in Scotland with resorts in the UK, Spain and Portugal.


Scotland - Aviemore Highland Lodges, Spey Valley Golf and Country Club, Lochnully Woodland Club, Forest Hills Hotel and Spa

England - Elmers Court Country Club

Wales - Plas Tagarth Health and Leisure Club

Spain - Dona Lola Club, La Ermita, Leila Playa, Villicana Club

Portugal - Val D’Oliveiras Quinta Resort and Spa

From our understanding each resort is run as its own separate club with individual club constitutions controlling the day to day running of the club. This company has proven over the years to be less than flexible when it comes to clients wishing to terminate their contracts. We have been led to believe that until recent years they have had no real exit policy and the recent policy implemented into some of their clubs has come at a high cost to members.

Over the past 18 months Sarah Waddington and her team have been gathering information, assessing the activities of Macdonalds Resorts and actively communicating with them with a view to settling the concerns of our clients. We are now in a position after much consultation with Counsel to move forward against Macdonalds in certain areas of their operation. We believe (which has now been confirmed by Counsel) that recent activity designed to remove ownership of specific weeks from clients and forcing them in to a points club may be not only unconstitutional, but may have breached many principals under basic contract law.

To find out more about the regulations surrounding Timeshare click here.

We are now inviting Macdonalds Resorts owners to contact us directly to discuss how we can help you and with a possibility of joining an action against Macdonalds Resorts. If you would like more information please contact us.

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