The Timeshare Trap

Does your Timeshare feel like more of a burden than a luxury?

Many owners find themselves in this position every day and are unsure what to do about it or who to turn to for help. Some have been unsuccessfully attempting to be released from their Timeshare burden for a number of years and feel that it simply cannot be achieved.

We understand that many people are also struggling to pay rising maintenance fees for a Timeshare contract or a holiday club membership that they no longer want, and feel that there is simply no way out.

There is often an element of desperation and fright, particularly if you have had demand letters from the Timeshare company directly, or bailiff’s letters and debt collectors knocking at the door attempting to collect unpaid maintenance fees. This is a debt, which for many Timeshares owners becomes a yearly fear, particularly, if it remains unpaid and is accruing interest. Our calculator can help you work out how much you could pay over the duration of your Timeshare contract.

If you have stopped paying your management fees and no action has been taken against you, don’t assume it won’t be. In our experience, most companies will wait until the debt is high enough to take action, in fact we have seen companies waiting up to 5 years before action is taken, as the debt has then built up to a level worth collecting.

Some Timeshare contracts are in perpetuity, meaning there is no end date and they may pass on to your family or can force your estate into probate. There have been cases where Timeshare companies have forced this to happen.

Our specialist solicitors have a wealth of knowledge in these areas and can assist you with any issues you may have with your club.

We specialise in Timeshare disputes and can legally take you out of your Timeshare contract if you feel you have been mis-sold.

Talk to us for a free, no obligation assessment of your circumstances.

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