Motoring Offences

We recognise how vital your driving licence is to you and have the expertise and skill to keep you on the road

If you are facing any type of motoring prosecution, we can help. That help may simply be reassurance as the fear of the unknown is often the cause of undue stress and worry. If you require representation, we will support and guide you from the moment you call until the conclusion of the matter. We have experience in successfully arguing Exceptional Hardship to enable you to avoid a ‘totting up’ disqualification and putting forward Special Reasons to avoid points or a disqualification.

We understand that being on the verge of losing your licence can have devastating consequences for yourself, your family and your employers/employees. The true cost of losing your licence can be extreme, not only financially but also on your health and self-esteem.

We are highly dedicated and experienced in Road Traffic and Motoring Offences. Road Traffic Law can be complex and varied. Working throughout the country we aim to make the whole process simple, guiding you from when you first receive notice of intended prosecution/summons, through to representing you in court.

We offer professional advice for a range of motor offences and driving related matters from speeding, using a mobile telephone, drink driving, careless driving, to the more serious motoring offences of dangerous driving and death by dangerous driving. We will make the costs implication very clear from the outset and offer a highly skilled, affordable service.

We regularly advise on the following matters:

• Speeding

• Failing to provide driver identity/nominate driver

• Driving without insurance

• Permitting someone to drive without insurance

• Driving without a licence

• Failing to stop/ report an accident

• Penalty Points & totting up

• Driving without due care and attention

• Dangerous Driving

 • Fatal Road Traffic Offences

 • Drink Driving/ driving whilst unfit

• Using a mobile telephone whilst driving

• Any other endorsable offences

• Special reasons/ exceptional hardship

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